On this week’s podcast, I’m discussing the eight lessons I learned from this course. This is Alice. Thanks for joining me.

  1. Connect with your students:

It is essential to introduce yourself to your students and communicate your expectations clearly. This helps them know what to expect from you and what you bring to the table. Additionally, take some time to understand your students. Find out their expectations and assess their understanding during the introductory phase.

  1. Create a learning environment suitable for your teaching style and learning theories that apply to your content.

Constructivism and connectivism may be more suitable for mature students than behaviorism and cognitivism.

  1. If your students are not learning, you are not teaching.

You can use various models like the backward model, scaffolding, Dee Fink’s model, ADDIE, and Gagne’s to learn from your students and improve your teaching.

  1. Ensure your course assessment is realistic, clear, and explicit.

Provide assistance, direction, and encouragement to facilitate the advancement of your students.

  1. Create a community in your classroom:

Creating an engaging classroom environment and promoting communication is important to encourage student participation. Making the class fun can also help to enhance student engagement.

  1. Plan and anticipate results:

The more you invest in teaching, the greater the learning outcomes you will achieve, so aim to encourage your students’ growth.

  1. Be accessible:

Be available to provide regular feedback and personalized and specific comments instead of general ones. Establish a positive relationship with your students and let them know your goal is to assist them, not take control.

  1. Manage a reasonable workload:

Online instructors must implement effective strategies to help manage their workload and ensure it remains reasonable.

These are the eight lessons I’ve highlighted from this course. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for listening to my podcast.

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